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Hosted by Tito Jopes, Jhun Gabby, Endz Lim (Azure Penguin Gaming), Nhel (Grincat Gaming), Chinry Ginlo and Cynt Ram, this is a video games podcast that levels your expectations of what video games are, and should be, while celebrating the merits of innovation in the field. This is an English-spoken podcast and we hope you enjoy the show. 'Coz through the excitement of it all, we still need… some Hype Control.

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Lite Control 14.64 - Elden Ring Trailer Leaked


Lite Control 14.64 - Elden Ring Trailer Leaked

Who is not excited about this leaked Elden Ring trailer? Of course me! I couldn’t care less about Tito Jopes’s fave games or this story from Notebookcheck.com in this episode 14.64 of your daily dose of pinoy gaming news. You’re listening to… Lite Control!


Lite Control is powered by EasyPC, Rakk Gears and Game Express.

Hosts: Tito Jopes, Vii, Uncle Philipps, Jhun Gabby

Writers: Jhun Gabby, Jopes Gallardo, Chinry Ginlo, Cynt Ram

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